Virtual Tutorials

Welcome to our Virtual Tutorials!

All teachers are graduate and undergraduate students in Product Design at the University of Oregon. Each uniquely different, they will take you step-by-step using their own design processes. From the science behind footwear to rendering in real time, there is a 5-minute workshop perfectly equipped for you!

Sneaker Scientists

An energetic introduction to the sneaker design workshop. Discover how designers protect athletes through experiment and play. Learn the story of Bill Bowerman (UO track coach and Nike co founder) and ideate footwear cushioning with at home materials.

Taught by Ezra Ende


Who knows more about footwear than Hypebeasts? Footwear biomechanists! Learn the importance of upper stability, cushioning, and traction towards the overall profile of a running shoe, and how customizability is becoming the new face of running innovation. Follow along this video series as we travel through the process of footwear innovation; from sport research, to sketching ideation, through to final renderings- bringing a trail running shoe to life.

Taught by Emily Karolidis

Sneaker Jam

Do you draw sneakers in your notebook when you should be taking notes? Put those skills to the test and learn to draw running shoes like a pro footwear designer. Learn the tools and tricks to take concept through to creation, using a product brief to guide our sketching ideation. The third video in the innovation series.

Taught by Nate Roese


Good old pen and paper not doing it for you anymore? Go digital and bring your sketching to the next level, by utilizing digtial sketching apps such as Procreate can drastically enhance your sketches and rendering. We will begin with the basics of sketch rendering get as close to photo realistic as possible in our time frame. Be sure to bring an iPad Pro, Apple pencil, charger and tons of questions!

Taught by Jarrett Gilmore

Potent Portfolio

Your designs are awesome, but they won’t look awesome if they aren’t presented well. Tune in to learn graphic design principles including alignment, layout, spacing, and typography to take your portfolio to an 11. We’ll run down tips and tricks to create an airtight, professional presentation- all with the power and ease of Google Slides.

Taught By: TJ Low


Clothing Combinations

Do you have clothes lieing around that you never wear? I know I do. Watch this video and learn how to sew and visualize your new designs using the clothes that you have laying around! You will learn my process to creating little projects whether that is combining or scrapping pieces you already have. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

Taught By MC Smith

Trash It!

Perplexed by how wasteful single use plastic bags are? Learn how to creatively recycle them to make custom water-repellent fabric that can be used to make a variety of different products. This technique exemplifies how trash can be repurposed into treasure!

Taught by Jessie Silbert

Sportswear Recycling

“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”, we take that saying literally! Using fabric made from the TRASH IT! workshop, you will be making and customizing your own modular pocket. Beginner sewing skills required.

Taught by Oli Bartoszek

Digital Pattern Repeats

Learn how to up your digital personalization through creating pattern repeats on Adobe Illustrator! We will be going through how to take hand drawn art, digitize it, and make a seamless pattern to add a personal touch to your portfolio or custom printed fabric with your art. The posibilites are ENDLESS!

Taught by Carly Conduff

Possession Vessel Assembling

Do you enjoy possessions? How about carrying them around? In this workshop, you’ll learn how to make a vessel for your favorite every-day-carrying objects. We’ll go over zippers, straps, binding, and other sewing tricks in making a side bag. You’ll like it so much, it’ll be a possession unto itself!

Taught By: Taylor Winegar

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